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I’m Bel, a doula and mindful breastfeeding practitioner.

I live in West Yorkshire with my rescue whippet Buddy and 2 year old Robin. In my spare time I enjoy creating art, reading and eating delicious veggie food.

​Previously, I worked as a primary teacher and then in education recruitment at Huddersfield company Stafflex. 

For me, being a doula is about nurturing people, perhaps gently guiding them, as they explore and grow on their own unique journey. 

Using my unique combination of doula skills, perinatal knowledge, teacher training, mindfulness techniques and coaching tools, I will support you to find your inner-confidence, step into your power and thrive.

It fills me with so much love and joy to be able to walk alongside families on their fertility, pregnancy and parenting journey.

Let's chat about how I can support you.

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My Training

I'm proud of my training  and have spent a lot of time, care and money investing in training which will benefit the families that I work with. However, being a great doula isn't about certificates. It's about who you are and how you gel with a family.

As well as the training below, I am currently completing Diplomas in Life Coaching and Mindfulness.

My doula training with Jen Muir and Badass Birth  has challenged me to be a better person, intersectional feminist and inclusive doula. It has sparked my fire to be a birth activist, fighting for much needed change in the birth world.


Not only have I learned the practical doula skills to help my clients but also mindset, advocacy and coaching skills to offer well rounded doula care. This course is ongoing, with monthly masterclasses and continual support from my fellow doulas and trainers.

I participated in Trusting Birth Doula Training with Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers of Paramana Doula.

We explored the benefits of undisturbed birth in a familiar environment. Something which I love to share with families to inform their decision making.


I got a great wealth of knowledge from this training. Learning from these two heavy weights of the birth world taught me a great deal about trusting in the natural physiological process of childbirth.

I have trained as a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner with Anna Le Grange.

I have learned practical breastfeeding support to peer supporter level combined with how the brain body connection influences feeding.

I learned the positive impact that simple mindfulness tools can have on chest / breastfeeding and the science behind it..


I use the mindfulness techniques I have learnt across my practice and their effectiveness continues to delight me.

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