One to One Chest / Breastfeeding Support

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed about feeding your baby?


Feel like you've tried every option but you're still lacking the support you need?

Struggling to trust the process and relax?

Does it seem like nobody has the time to provide holistic, individualised care?

The Embrace Doula Mindful Breastfeeding Support Package could be just what you need...

White Sheet

Mindful Breastfeeding Support Package

A holistic, mind-body approach to chest / breastfeeding support which puts your experience at the centre.

The package includes:

-An initial call ASAP, to hear what you're struggling with and to provide immediate support

-Resources / links shared as a stop gap before our meeting

-A 1.5-2 hour face to face or zoom support session

- A 30 minute- 1 hour follow up session

-2 weeks of text and email support 

-Detailed session notes

-Personalised post session resources including practical feeding guidance, mindfulness activities, guided relaxation recordings etc

A little more detail about how it tends to work...

We will chat prior to the session to establish what you need and how I can best tailor the package to your needs. After our chat I will send you any relevant information / resources to help you immediately. We will arrange your face to face session as soon as possible.

During your face to face sessions you can relax. I will listen with care and support you unconditionally.


The sessions will be unique to you. We might cover:

-Practical chest / breastfeeding support, tips and tricks 

-Troubleshooting of specific issues

-Goal setting

-Debrief of your journey so far

-Mindfulness techniques (journaling, affirmations, guided relaxations, breathing)

We can meet with or without your little one, depending on what you want to focus on.

After your sessions you will receive your detailed notes and personalised resources.


You will receive support and encouragement for 2 weeks via text and email.

Sound good? Choose your support option:

Mindful Breastfeeding Support Package on Zoom - £90

Mindful Breastfeeding Support Package in person - £120

Check out my testimonials for reviews of this popular and effective service.

Face to face chest / breastfeeding support sessions available in and around Holmfirth, Huddersfield West Yorkshire (mileage can be added for further afield).

Suitable at any point during your feeding journey.

This support is for all families. Although I am trained in chest / breastfeeding support, I am supportive of all new parents and all feeding choices. I do not have expertise in formula feeding / pumping / combi feeding / SNS use but I can share resources, support you emotionally and share mindfulness techniques tailored to your unique feeding journey.

I am a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner - I can help with antenatal education, latch and positioning and other commonplace problems. Any issues which are out of my remit (e.g. tounge tie, thrush) - I will refer to an IBCLC or other specialist. 

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