Could a doula be helpful for you?

Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed and in need of a little extra support.

Maybe you're disappointed that you're unlikely to know the midwife caring for you during birth.

Or perhaps anxiety and worry are getting in the way of you enjoying this experience as much as you'd hoped.

Do you crave time, space & connection?

How would it feel if you could build a friendship with a kind, compassionate person, committed solely to supporting you?


A calming companion who could journey alongside you (and your partner) through thick and thin.


Sharing the latest evidence and respecting your decisions without judgment.


Lifting you up, holding space for you, always in your corner.


If you're intrigued, book your free, no-obligation initial phone call today. Ask whatever's on your mind and find out if a doula could be just what you're looking for.




If we decide to work together, I will design a bespoke package suited to your preferences, the stage of your journey and your budget.

Whatever your unique journey, for example if you're having a family through surrogacy or adoption, if your trying to conceive or if you're considering if you even want to be a parent - I am here for you. 

Doula support is available in person (within around 1.5 hours of Holmfirth, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire) and online.